The new era of SAR Time Series Analysis and Visualization: Cloud meets Big SAR Data

Watch the Kellndorfer IEEE GRSS Big SAR Data Webinar here


Josef Kellndorfer gave a webinar for the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society on December 3rd 2021.


About the Webinar

Synthetic Aperture Radar remote sensing has become a game changer in monitoring our planet at high spatial and temporal resolution. Because of cloud penetration of microwaves, ground observations at every SAR satellite overpass are nearly always available. This provides new insights into planetary change from novel temporal and spatial SAR signatures of natural and man-made targets. Mature SAR processing pipelines lead to Analysis Read Data (ARD) that can be coupled with modern tools to visualize and analyze these high-dimensional remote sensing data sets. Examples from a Global Coherence and Backscatter Data set and SAR Time Series Backscatter visualization are provided.